French Bulldog Care

French Bulldog Care

What You Need to Know About French Bulldog Care

French bulldogs have been enjoying a long history of being companion dogs. They have been created in England as a miniature of the Bulldog but today, their job is to be family friends and show dogs. This rare dog breed has a peculiar appeal and is undeniably showy and glamorous aesthetically.
French bulldogs for sale are small but they are substantial in terms of the build because they have a muscular physique. They have an easy to care coat that complements their personality. A Frenchie dog for sale is playful and enjoys spending time relaxing on sofas.


French bulldogs for sale are affectionate friends who grow well in contact with humans. They enjoy lavishing love from their owners as much as they want to get the same love in return. They get along with everyone well, including kids. But they can also be possessive and territorial of the people around them when there are other dogs present. Here are more highlights about French bulldogs:

  • They do not need too much exercise but they need regular walk for them to maintain their healthy weight.
  • French bulldog’s cannot handle the heat that much that is why they need to be monitored during hot days to ensure that they will not overexert themselves.
  • They are easy to train but can also turn stubborn so be patient and firm hen you train them.
  • If cleanliness is a big deal to you, this breed may not be for you because they are prone to flatulence, drooling, and shedding. Housetrain can be difficult.
  • They can be quiet and not known to bark frequently but there are exceptions.
  • They make great apartment dogs because they are not excessive barkers.
  • Children should be supervised when around dogs but French bulldogs do well around children.
  • They make excellent watchdogs and they are territorial. They want attention to be centered on them which may lead to problems with behavior if overindulged.
  • For you to have a healthy bulldog, do not buy from an irresponsible puppy mill, pet store or breeder.

Charming Facts About French Bulldogs

The relaxed and playful attitude of French bulldogs is carried over when they do training lessons. These dogs are intelligent so training them is not difficult as long as you keep the training as fun as a game for them. This breed is not ideal for competing in agility or obedience because French bulldogs are free thinkers, which may also lead to their stubborn nature.

  1. They have roots in England.
  2. They are meant to be great companions.
  3. Keep them away from water because they cannot swim.
  4. There is no need to look for a babysitter if you have French bulldogs.
  5. They are talkative.
  6. Do not yell at them.
  7. French bulldogs have two styles of ears—bat ears and rose-shaped ears.
  8. Most French bulldogs are born through artificial insemination.

French Bulldog Care

The short coat of French bulldogs needs a regular brush weekly to keep it super shiny and squeaky clean. These dogs are indoor pets but they need air conditioning during warm weather. While they are very good at alerting owners to any danger, their major role to just like that of a lap warmer. They require minimal grooming and exercise.

  • Nutrition and Feeding

Depending on how big do French bulldogs get as an adult, you would want to feed them with a formula that caters their distinct digestive needs in the phase of their lifespan. There are already many dog food companies offer breed-specific food formulas for all breed sizes. The French bulldog is a small breed with a lifespan of 11-13 years.

The food you give your dog is your personal choice but if you work with a vet or a breeder, you will know the frequency of the meals for puppies and the best diet for adults to increase their longevity. Fresh and clean water should always be available.

  • Coat and Grooming

The routine grooming for French bulldogs for sale includes regular ear cleaning, nail trimming, frequent cleansing of their skin folds, brushing to remove any excess hair, and occasional bathing. They have fast-growing nails so they should be nail-trimmed regularly using a nail clipper or a grinder to prevent overgrowth, cracking, and splitting. Their cute bat ears should always be checked to prevent wax buildup and debris that may cause infection. Their teeth should also be brushed daily.

  • Energy and Exercise

There is no need for you to worry about having a yappy dog that frequently bothers your neighbors because a Frenchie dog for sale rarely barks. They can alert you to any danger. Frenchie’s enjoy regular walks and brief romps outdoors but due to their short noses, it is not advisable to exercise them on hot/humid days. They should have access to cool rooms in warmer months. Besides sleeping the day out, their favorite hobby is to be the lap warmer of their owners.

  • French Bulldog Care and Health

You should provide your Frenchie bulldog with routine vaccinations, regular checkups, heartworm prevention, tests for any intestinal parasites, and tick and flea control. There should also be regular dental care and checkups with your vet. As a dwarf, brachycephalic, and short-faced breed, Frenchies can have some concerns about their health.

Their short face could make them breathe less efficiently that is why they are less tolerant to exercise, stress, and heat. Anesthesia can also be risky for them. Their spine also merits attention because they may have abnormal vertebrae or the premature degeneration of their intervertebral discs. Herniation of the degenerated discs may lead to major problems.

French bulldogs for sale make wonderful companions because they have a gentle nature. If you are working at home, your Frenchie dog will just lie on your lap or feet all day and follow you wherever you go. There is no doubt that the beauty of this breed is on the inside.

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